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We deliver specialist consultation, implementation, and ongoing support in the areas where we have deep experience: finance, hiring, entity setup, audit, due diligence, and system implementation.


📈  Budgets & financial control

📈  Payroll, expenses & invoices

📈  Bookkeeping


🏁 Hiring rounds & outreach

🏁 Candidate communication

🏁 Onboarding & offboarding

Entity setup

🚀 Company registration

🚀 Governance & compliance

🚀 Infrastructure


📋 Risk assessment

📋 Handbooks & benefits

📋 Policies & procedures

Due diligence

🔎  Red flag checks

🔎  In-depth reports

🔎  Monitoring service


⚙️ CRM & ATS implementation

⚙️ HRIS & GMS support

⚙️ Scoping & recommendation



We’ve enabled a number of effective organizations to maximize their impact. We do this by solving the operational challenges we know best — like finance, hiring, and entity setup.

The Centre for Long-Term Resilience (CLTR) works with governments and other institutions to improve global resilience to extreme risks.

CLTR faced the challenge of creating and administering bookkeeping systems, given its particularly thorough approach to accounts and restrictions. We helped CLTR by designing a more efficient accounting workflow, and managing reconciliations on its behalf. CLTR also faced the challenge of running due diligence on its key donors — we helped by leveraging economies of scale to offer a competitive price for an otherwise expensive (but thorough) web crawler.

We now have a near real-time understanding of our financial position thanks to Impact Ops. They have built us an automated dashboard that provides informative insights on our fund balances and runway for our various funds. This has freed up our capacity to focus on mission-relevant work. I believe other projects in a similar position would strongly benefit from Impact Ops’ finance support.

Jeffrey Poche, Operations Manager at the Centre for Long-Term Resilience

The Foresight Institute supports the beneficial development of high-impact technology to make great futures more likely.

We conducted an operational audit for the Foresight Institute, highlighting efficiency and compliance improvements across governance, finance, systems, fundraising, and HR. We collaborated to identify the highest-priority recommendations, which included redesigning their application systems for grantmaking, workshops, and seminar groups. Our redesigned grant management system helped free up operational capacity, by consolidating all application and evaluation information in a single database, tailoring views for different users, and automating applicant messages based on their status.

Working with Impact Ops has really streamlined our operations. Their approaches have cut down on unnecessary steps and improved our workflow efficiency. The comprehensive audit by Impact Ops prompted significant updates in our work. Their ongoing advice has also been crucial in refining these processes. Overall, I feel that we are a much more professional organization today than we were before the audit.

Beatrice Erkers, COO & Existential Hope Director at Foresight Institute

BlueDot Impact runs courses that support participants in developing knowledge and skills needed to pursue a high-impact career.

BlueDot Impact faced the challenge of “spinning out” from its fiscal sponsor. We helped them navigate the process by registering a company limited by guarantee and setting up core infrastructure including an accounting system. We also helped them obtain a 501(c)(3) equivalency determination — so they can receive tax-deductible donations from US grantmakers. This gave BlueDot Impact more autonomy and flexibility in pursuing its mission.

The support and momentum from the Impact Ops team has been really helpful in accelerating our journey towards being an independent legal entity! From developing the initial plan of action to rapidly and cost-effectively implementing it, Impact Ops’ support has helped me free up a lot of headspace and given me ease that things are being done properly.

Dewi Erwan, Co-Founder at BlueDot Impact

The Forecasting Research Institute (FRI) develops forecasting methods to improve decision-making on high-stakes issues.

We conducted a top-to-bottom operational audit and produced a report with recommendations around legal structure, governance, finance, systems, HR, and culture. We also supported FRI with a hiring round which allowed them to hire their first Operations Lead. CEO Josh Rosenberg said: “The support on the hiring process has been excellent! And I’ve found all the communication to be clear, prompt, and helpful.”

The audit report will be invaluable going forward and is exactly what I was hoping for. Overall, I'm very happy with the support Impact Ops has provided. Everyone has been incredibly responsive, professional, and easy to work with. I will definitely recommend you going forward.

Michael Page, Former CEO of the Forecasting Research Institute

Longview Philanthropy provides grantmaking services to donors who want to go the most good possible with their giving.

Longview Philanthropy faced the challenge of “spinning out” from its fiscal sponsor. We scoped and recommended an HR platform and expense management system for both its UK and US entities. We also recommended staff benefits packages for its US entity, which faced several challenges when getting quotes — including its relatively low headcount, remote workforce, and lack of independent financial statements. This support allowed Longview Philanthropy to focus its in-house operational resources towards more mission-relevant areas, like grantmaking and events.

The support Impact Ops has provided has been seamless and incredibly helpful.

Katie Hearsum, Head of Operations at Longview Philanthropy

Condor Initiative (“Condor”) runs a series of initiatives focused on raising awareness and preparation of highly talented people to overcome the most important challenges of humanity’s future.

Condor faced the challenge of “spinning out” from its fiscal sponsor. We helped them navigate the process by registering a 501(c)(3) in the US. We then put the new entity through an expenditure responsibility procedure and set up a US bank account. This allowed the Condor team to receive a grant from a key donor through this new entity — all within 2 months of them engaging us for support. We set up an employer of record (EOR) to employ staff based outside the US and, finally, initiated a risk assessment to help the team identify and mitigate key risks associated with their new structure.

The transparency, timeliness, and outstanding efficiency to which things get solved with Impact Ops is amazing.

Carolina Oliveira, Head of Product at Condor Initiative

Impact Academy runs programs for entrepreneurs, researchers, and others who want to solve global problems and create flourishing futures.

As a Swedish foundation, Impact Academy faced the challenge of hiring employees in the UK. We helped them overcome this challenge by registering a new UK entity, opening a bank account, setting up an HR platform, and recommending and implementing insurance schemes. This allowed Impact Academy to hire UK staff and get them on payroll.

It is a delight to interact with you and I think you make it easy for us to be transparent with where we are lacking, while you still seem professional and keep us to high standards.

Vilhelm Skoglund, Co-Founder and CEO at Impact Academy

Arkose aims to reduce risks from advanced AI through field-building activities.

Arkose has grand ambitions for AI safety field-building, but had just one full-time staff member. We helped Arkose hire an Operations Lead by collaborating to design assessments and mark schemes, and communicating with candidates throughout the process. The Operations Lead has been able to take on a range of responsibilities, including  surveys, calls, and supportive programs for researchers interested in contributing to AI safety.

Would recommend (and have already recommended) — this was great. It was awesome how fast this whole thing happened, and how well-organized it was and smooth and adaptive to my needs!

Vael Gates, Founder of Arkose

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